Current situation in the sector

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization was preparing for the implementation of project activities planned for the current year, for which it had previously obtained funds. The beginning of the pandemic stopped most of our activities due to restrictions on business and quarantine declared for the country. With the end of quarantine and as a result of the continuation of the pandemic, following the health situation in the country and the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, we implemented part of our activities in the field and part in an online environment, due to limited gatherings and necessary distance keeping. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected our activities by limiting their implementation as part of the main services we provide are training, mentoring and coaching vulnerable groups. Although we were limited to doing our main training activities, we did them online.


Overall objective

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:

Digitization of education services – defining the structure of the web platform and creating web platforms for online education in the field of entrepreneurship through which users independently create their business plans. The online platform will give, all who cannot attend our trainings, the opportunity to undergo training and education, while users who pass our trainings will be support in the integration of knowledge.

Results to be achieved by the expert

Output1– Created skeleton of online platforms for educating entrepreneurs that will serve as a further plan for the development of platforms and its future upgrades. The skeleton of the platform will contain all elements and modules of the platform with the possibility of digitization to make the platform interactive and acceptable for use by participants.

Output 2 – Created online platform with basic modules for assessing entrepreneurial capacity, development of entrepreneurial ideas, market analysis and assessment of entrepreneurial ventures.



Target groups

Through its activities, the Cube Association works with young people from hard-to-employ categories and women who are at risk of violence or have survived some form of domestic or partner violence. These activities will be aimed at our program users. With this approach, we want to make our services more widely available to users at the national level, because most of our activities are focused on the local and regional level.

Specific work

Creating the skeleton of an online platform that involves defining all possible modules of the platform itself with possible upgrades and future development, defining elements that should make the platform interactive and easily accessible for use to users who do not have significant IT skills. This skeleton will be made by a consultant – programmer in cooperation with the person in charge of project implementation. The time required for the realization of this activity is 8 working days for the consultant.

Creating platforms and listed elements that will enable basic use of platforms by users. This activity will be implemented by a consultant – programmer, while the person in charge of monitoring the implementation of project activities will monitor and provide guidance in case of necessary corrections. The time required for the implementation of these activities is 14 working days for the consultant.

Project management

Management structure

All activities will be supervised by the President of Association who will be in charge of communication with the expert.



All activities will be realized home based.

Period of implementation of tasks

Period of implementation of the contract will be 2 months from starting date.




In order to create a skeleton and a platform, we need a consultant who has knowledge and skills in the field of IT and programming that will help us structure our training materials and convert them to digital format while maintaining the approximate quality of implementation in the online environment, which our service users have come to expect from our trainings.

Education: high school – preferred technical

Experience: 3 years – development apps and web presentations

Language skills: English – fluent


Reporting requirements

Assignment closure reports: Upon completion of each assignment, the Contractor must provide to Association:

A brief technical report describing – as applicable- achievements, deliverables, any specific problems or risks in the course of the assignment and

A financial report and final invoice, in RSD, for the cost incurred under the assignment.  The financial report will consist of a clear numbered list in English of working days per expert accompanied by document to support amounts claimed. 

Maximum budget: 2.200 EUR

Please send us your CV on officekocka[at]

Deadline five days.

The project is supported by IRIS Network and funded by the European Union.